California LifeLine

LifeLineThe California LifeLine Program provides discounted basic home phone service to qualified households, helping consumers lower the cost of their home or cell phone bills.
To find out if you qualify or to sign up for California LifeLine: contact your local home phone company or cell phone provider and ask for the California LifeLine discount.

You may qualify for the program in one of two ways:

If you or another household member is already enrolled in one of the following   programs:

If your   income falls within the following guidelines


Household   Size

Annual   Income Limits

Women, Infant and Children   Program (WIC)

1 or 2   members


Healthy Families Category A

3 members


Low-Income Home Energy   Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

4 members


Supplemental Security Income   (SSI)

Federal Public Housing   Assistance or Section 8

Add   $6,100 per person for each additional person after four people.

Effective   06/01/13 through 05/31/14

CalFresh, Food Stamps, or   Supplemental Assistance Program (SNAP)

A household includes adults and   children who are living together at the same address as one economic unit. An   economic unit consists of all adults (persons at least 18 years old)   contributing to and sharing the household’s income and expenses.

National School Lunch Program   (NSLP)

Temporary Assistance for Needy   Families (TANF)





Tribal TANF

Bureau of Indian Affairs General   Assistance

Head Start Income Eligible   (Tribal Only)