MAOF Goodrich Office Has Relocated

Food Bank 037After 14 years of delivering services from a two-story location at 972 S. Goodrich Blvd. in Commerce, MAOF has relocated several departments to a new facility at 5657 E. Washington Blvd. The move, prompted by a reduction in programs and staff that left the facility largely vacant, was completed at the end of June. Among the programs now housed at the new facility are MAOF’s Youth/WIA program, FCCHEN/Parent Engagement program, Child Care, Handyworkers, Resource & Referral, and the MAOF Food Bank. “We initially explored the possibility of purchasing the building but the high price tag and numerous costs associated with improving the building to modern codes and standards made it cost-prohibitive,” said MAOF Vice President of Operations Vicky Santos. “We considered several facilities in the Commerce and East Los Angeles communities and decided that the building at 5657 E. Washington Blvd. would best accommodate our budget, program needs, and technology requirements.”

In addition to performing a complete rehabilitation of the existing workspaces, MAOF was able to install high-speed internet and an integrated network; something that had not been possible at the Goodrich building. Another feature, the site’s 5,507 square foot warehouse, has allowed MAOF to consolidate contents from various storage facilities to one site. Additionally, the warehouse will provide ample space from which to coordinate MAOF’s weekly food distribution.

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