College 529 Program

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The 529 College Savings Account ” program” offers incentives and is created to assist low to moderate income families abilities to begin saving for their children’s higher education, emergencies or future goals. The 529 College Savings program is in partnership with the ScholarShare Investment Board.

Purpose of Savings

The “529 College Savings Account” specifically allows you to invest for future education expenses. 529 plans are aimed at helping families save for college.

How It Works

  • Open a 529 Account as a Participant of MAOF.
  • Earn a $25 incentive by opening the account.
  • You can qualify to receive a maximum incentive of $75 if you save a total of $25 for 5 consecutive months.

Benefits of “529 College” Savings Account with Scholarshare:

  • No monthly or annual service fees.
  • $10 minimum monthly contribution.
  • No minimum balance in your account is required to keep it active.
  • Contributions can grow free of federal and state taxes.

Flexibility- funds can be used at eligible schools nationwide

Additional Supportive Services and Counseling from MAOF

  • MAOF provides classroom-based financial education workshops.
  • One on one financial coaching to all Program Participants.
  • Credit Building Resources

*The 529 accounts are administered at a state level by the ScholarShare Investment Board along with TIAA-CREF Financial Inc.*

For more information, call: (323) 313-1642 or e-mail