Financial Literacy

MAOF financial coaches integrate the client’s knowledge and habit on money and tailor a budget that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and trackable. Financial coaches aim to increase the knowledge of understanding credit, building savings and reduce debt. The clients learn to research financial products that are offered in the marketplace and compare which products are a good fit. With time our financial coaches help individuals and families obtain financial independence.

52% of the households in Los Angeles live in liquid asset poverty (meaning not having enough savings to sustain living above poverty for three months) and 13% do not have a checking or savings account. The poverty rate is much higher among Hispanic or Latino’s with 76% living in liquid asset poverty.1 MAOF recognizes the duty to responsibly address this challenge. The need for financial coaching is an inevitability. Our partners work with us to provide the resources needed to continue offering financial coaching services.

With support from Citi Community Development, United Way of Greater Los Angeles and JPMorgan Foundation, MAOF has the ability to assist families reach financial independence. To schedule a free Financial Coaching appointment, please contact Raul De la O at or 323 313-1602.

Financial Literacy Classes- MAOF Commerce