Dionicio Morales

DM pictureFounder, Mexican American Opportunity Foundation

A Biographical Tribute by Sal Osio, JD Prologue

Conceived in Mexico — Born in the United States. Providence bestowed on him two cultures, a fusion of which he embraced throughout his life. A bicultural heritage which he generously shared with family and friends; always enhancing and promoting the respect among the diverse American communities. His cause is well illustrated by his autobiography: Dionicio Morales: A Life in Two Cultures ‘Don Dionicio’ — as he was respectfully addressed by his many friends and colleagues — was a man of destiny and a legend in his life time. In the Hispanic American urban communities he became an inspirational leader and a beacon of hope.

Young Adulthood
Dionicio and MAOF

The Dionicio Morales Papers (1929-2008) are archived at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center. http://www.chicano.ucla.edu