Dionicio and MAOF

In its early years, MAOF survived through the efforts and subsistence of Dionicio and his wife, Maria. Ever the partner and inspiration at his side, always sharing his ideals and altruism, were it not for her, MAOF would have remained nothing more than a dream … far from a reality. Dionicio sought the help of other community service organizations, such as the Urban League and the Jewish Federation conglomerate of human service agencies. Several close friends and community leaders joined Dionicio in the early days of survival. His first entrée into the African-American community, in an effort to seek assistance was New York Congressman Adam Clayton Powell. And finally, through perseverance and sacrifice, the big break came through, in the person of Vice President Lyndon Johnson, the author of the Great Society.

As a direct result of the White House meeting with Lyndon Johnson, MAOF was funded by the government to pursue equal opportunity employment opportunities. As significant, at Dionicio’s invitation, the Vice President attended a conference in Los Angeles, wherein he addressed over one thousand of the Mexican-American leaders and opened the door to the recognition of affirmative action programs to elevate the opportunities for the Mexican-American community to climb up the corporate ladder. Corporate America took notice and found in Americans of Mexican heritage equal partners in the quest for economic growth and global competitiveness.

Thereafter, MAOF became the vanguard in social programs to improve the quality of education of its young, the civic education of its community, the participation of its senior citizenry, in the continued contribution to its welfare, in the reformation of its imprisoned population, in the enhancement of women’s rights and, in general, in the active participation and contribution of Americans of Mexican heritage in the general welfare of their country, the United States of America. Last, but not least, Dionicio became the ambassador of goodwill, de facto, between the two of the great nations of the North American Hemisphere — Mexico and the United States.

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