Tax Season is Here and MAOF’s VITA Program is in Full Swing

The New Year brings with it a renewal of hope and energy. Resolutions are made, friendships revisited and for many, receipts are collected. Tax season is upon us and no one knows that better than the staff and volunteers of MAOF. Since 1993, MAOF has provided free tax preparation services for households whose income falls below $51,000 through its Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program. Volunteers participate in IRS-certified training sessions, allowing MAOF to prepare approximately 1,300 tax returns each year.

Clients not only receive free tax preparation services, they also learn about available tax credits such as the Earned income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and Tax Credit for Elderly of the Disabled. The VITA program is a major asset for the Los Angeles community, providing information and assistance to many individuals who would not otherwise be able to file a tax return. For further information on the VITA Program and other MAOF Adult Education programs, please contact Program Coordinator Martha Najarro at 323-278-3890.

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50th Celebration

50th Celebration

Approximately 150 supporters and friends of the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation attended a reception celebrating the organization’s 50th Anniversary. The event, hosted by MAOF President & CEO Martin Castro and the MAOF Board of Directors, featured a private performance by Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles and an interactive tequila bar hosted by Asombroso Tequila. Catering was provided by Homegirl Café and hosted by the Southern California Gas Company. Read More

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Southern California Gas Company’s Advance Meter Project

MAOF is proud to partner with the Southern California Gas Company in its campaign to share information on the benefits of the utility company’s Advance Meter Project across Los Angeles and Kern Counties. MAOF will deliver a number of bilingual workshops at its 32 child care centers and 24 ad hoc community service sites to adequately inform consumers about this technology.

What are Advanced Meters?

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas®) is upgrading our system
by adding a communication device to all residential and business
natural gas meters. We’re calling this technology advanced meter.
The advanced meter will automatically read and transmit your
gas usage information to our customer service and billing center.
The device, which will be installed on your existing analog meter,
is battery-powered and turns on for a fraction of a second a day,
for a total of less than two minutes a year. Advanced meters do not
communicate with other meters, nor with appliances in your home.
Finally, advanced meters cannot turn on or turn off your gas service.
With this upgrade, you will have access to more frequent and detailed
information about your gas consumption, enabling you to have better
control over your energy usage and potentially save money.
SoCalGas is installing the advanced meter communication device on
approximately 6 million natural gas meters from late 2012 through
2017. An installation schedule is available
on (search “ADVANCED”).

Why Advanced Meters?

SoCalGas has been providing safe and reliable service to the
communities we serve for more than 140 years. This technology
evolution is the next step in providing new and improved service
for current and future customers.

What if I don’t want an Advanced Meter?

We support customer choice and recognize that some customers may
prefer to have their gas meter manually read each month*. If you have
questions or would like to decline an advanced meter installation,
please contact our Customer Contact Center at 1-800-427-2200.
*Applicable to residential customers only.

Benefits of Advanced Meters

Manage Energy Use Better: You will have access to
more detailed information and analysis tools online
through My Account at, where you can
also view and pay your bill, schedule service and more.
These tools will help you better understand how you’re
using gas and where you could potentially save.

More Privacy and Security: Customers who,
in the past, had to provide SoCalGas with a key
to their gates, leave latches unlocked or confine
their dogs to allow meter reading may only need
to provide entry for periodic maintenance. To
increase privacy and security, only encrypted
gas usage information will be transmitted.

Greater Accuracy: Advanced meters can also improve
billing accuracy, reducing the potential for errors.

Help the Environment: Advanced meters will take
1,000 SoCalGas vehicles off the road every day.
Our energy savings, combined with our customers’
conservation efforts, can reduce vehicle miles
by 6.3 million miles per year, reducing approximately
140,000 tons of greenhouse gases per year through
2017, when project installation is completed.

Enable Future Technology: In the future, advanced
meter technology will enable you to sign up for alerts,
providing up-to-date information on your energy
usage and billing status by text or email.

Operational Efficiencies: The advanced meter project
will enable operational and environmental savings
over the life of the project, estimated to be more than
double the value of our investment. Operational savings
will be passed along to customers in overall rates.

Where Can I Find More Information?
Visit (search “ADVANCED”) or call:
English 1-800-427-2200
Español 1-800-342-4545
Commercial (English): 1-800-427-2000
Commercial (Spanish): 1-800-427-6029
國語 1-800-427-1429
粵語 1-800-427-1420
한국어 1-800-427-0471
Tiâng Vi¨t 1-800-427-0478
For other languages 1-888-427-1345
Hearing Impaired (TDD) 1-800-252-0259

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MAOF Names Suzanne Gonzalez Chief Development Officer

MAOF has named East Los Angeles native, Suzanne Gonzalez, as its new Chief Development Officer. In this role, Ms. Gonzalez will lead and oversee MAOF’s fundraising and marketing initiatives.

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MAOF Dedicates Computer Clubhouse

Los Angeles, CA: The Mexican American Opportunity Foundation celebrated the grand opening of its Computer Clubhouse with music, refreshments and a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at La Alameda Shopping Center.

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