11th Annual Citi Global Community Day

For the last 11 years, Citi Bank has promoted “Global Community Day” as a day whereby bank employees volunteer their time, skills, and expertise to make a difference in the cities they are located.

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Laura Peralta, helps lead Citi’s community development efforts in Los Angeles and on June 11, 2016, Peralta and over 70 Citi Bank volunteers invested their time, skills and expertise in the East Los Angeles community to conduct pre-employment workshops for youth and young adults, ages 14 -24.

Youth took part in a resume workshop, participated in a mock interview, and gain insightful advice from Citi Bank senior executives on carving a promising career path.

“My favorite part of the day was the Resume and Mock Interview Workshops. It was so inspiring to see students become so excited to gain tangible skills that they can use to get a job.  As the day progressed, the students began to open up to their mentors and ask more questions.  It was truly inspiring to see how much potential each student has,” says Peralta.

The current labor market is extremely competitive with many individuals possess an array of skills sets, talents, and years of work experience, which makes it even more challenging among youth and young adults seeking to obtain employment. To offset this barrier and many other obstacles, MAOF Youth Workforce Program is one of many publically funded programs that help youth with career development by providing the following workforce development services: basic educational skills, long-term education planning, pre-employment preparation, and job placement assistance. “For Citi, youth development and education programs are at the core of our philanthropic values.  We understand that investing in youth leads to expanded educational opportunities, which is likely to improve the economic opportunities of individuals and truly transform communities” says Laura Peralta, VP Citi Community Development.

However, MAOF also recognizes that collaboration between us and our private sector partners further strengthens our program objectives by leveraging resources for enhancing our youth’s opportunities for obtaining employment.
Therefore, MAOF is proud in saying that our partnership with Citi Bank and our participation in their Global Community Day has proven instrumental in fostering our youth workforce development services and our forged partnership continues to impact our communities and our youth programs.

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